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Micro-controller Based IoT Projects - Pay Rs 1000 advance - Absolute Native Electronics

Micro-controller Based IoT Projects – Pay Rs 1000 advance


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Microcontroller Based Project List
Project Code Project Name Price
ANE1 Smart Charger Monitoring system using arduino Rs. 3000
ANE2 IoT Based smart Agriculture Monitoring System project Rs. 4500
ANE3 arduino Based Autonomous Fire Fighting Robot Rs. 8000
ANE4 Arduino Ultrasonic Sonar/Radar Monitor Project Rs 3000
ANE5 IoT circuit Breaker Project Rs 3000
ANE6 Third Eye for Blind Ultrasonic Alarm Rs 3000
ANE7 IoT Industry Protection System arduino Rs 5000
ANE8 Women Safety Device with GPS Tracking & Alert Rs 5000
ANE9 Sun Tracking Solar Panel using Arduino (small solar panel) Rs. 3000
ANE10 Arduino based System to Measure Solar power Rs. 3000
ANE11 Rotating solar Pannel Using Arduino Rs. 10000
ANE12 IoT Based fire department alerting System Rs. 5000
ANE13 IoT solar Power Monitoring system Rs. 3000
ANE14 Programmable energy Meter with Bill estimation Rs. 4500
ANE15 Coin Based Water Dispenser System Rs. 10000
ANE16 Fingerprint Based Bank Locker System Rs. 8000
ANE17 IoT Irrigation Monitoring & Controller System Rs. 8000
ANE18 Heart Attack Detection By Heart Beat Sensing Rs. 5500
ANE19 Smart Room Temperature Controller Atmega Rs. 3000
ANE20 Touch Sensor Rs. 2000
ANE21 Temperature Sensor Rs. 2000
ANE22 LDR Controlled Light Rs. 2000
ANE23 Suntracker using LDR Rs. 2000
ANE24 Arduino to Arduino Bluetooth Communication using Master Slave Configuration Rs. 3000
ANE25 Automatic Hand Sanitizer Dispenser with COVID19 Live Updates Rs. 5500
ANE26 Password based Digital Keypad Security Door Lock using Arduino Rs 7000
ANE27 Smart Restaurant Menu Ordering System using Arduino Rs. 6000
ANE28 Long Range Arduino Based Walkie Talkie using NRF24L01 Rs. 5000
ANE29 Login to Windows Computers using RFID tag and Arduino Rs. 4000
ANE30 Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer with IR Temperature Sensor Rs. 7000
ANE31 IoT Based Biometric Attendance system using Arduino and Thingsboard Rs. 7000
ANE32 LC Meter using Arduino: Measuring Inductance and Frequency Rs 3000
ANE33 Smoke Detector using MQ2 Gas Sensor and Arduino Rs. 3000
ANE34 Smart Phone Controlled FM Radio using Arduino and Processing Rs. 3000
ANE35 A Vehicle on Google Maps using Arduino, ESP8266 & GPS Rs. 7000
ANE36 Wireless Notice Board using GSM and Arduino Rs. 5000

Kindly Pay Rs 1000 as advance money and send email on cs(at)aneindia(dot)com mention project code in Subject line.



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